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(Ref. FQM-195)
June 2024
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Information about the group

The Research Group "Coordination Chemistry and Structural Analysis", the code of which in the Research System of Andalusia is FQM-195, is formed by a number of researchers (University Professors, holders of research contracts or research grants) belonging to the Inorganic Chemistry and Mineralogy & Petrology Departments (mainly to the first one) of the University of Granada.

At the moment when the Group was created, the connecting item among its members (see the link about its history) was the use of X-ray diffraction in the structural determination of natural as well as artificially produced chemical compounds. Nevertheless, nowadays its members work in a wide range of different research lines that, even if based in Coordination Chemistry, link to many other branches of Knowledge, as Crystallography, Mineralogy, Biochemistry or Microbiology.

The Group may be considered as divided in several so-called "subgroups" (widening the meaning of this mathematical word), each of them mainly devoted to one of these research lines, this not preventing that people belonging to one subgroup may collaborate in other one's work. The main among these research lines are (indicating in brackets the persons acting as leaders of the corresponding research projects): Magneto-Structural Correlation in Metal Complexes (Enrique Colacio), Mineral Structural Analysis and Biomineralizer Activity of Micro-organisms (Daniel Martín) and Supramolecular Chemistry of Inorganic Macrocycles (Jorge Andrés Rodríguez). For each of these lines, new branches and side lines are continuously emerging, which in some cases evolve to new consolidated research lines, as a fruit of Group member's dynamism. Apart from this, some researchers individually make contributions not necessarily comprised in any of the above referred lines, the theoretical calculations on molecular modelling or the creation of an open database of crystallographic data could be mentioned.


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